How To Lose Man Boobs The Garry Davidson Way

Published: 17th March 2010
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Discover How To Lose Man Boobs, With Garry Davidson

Hey there!

Man boobs are a pain to get rid of, I almost gave up after trying for over thirty years! I finally managed to lose my man boobs when I stumbled upon the real hidden, underground answers to losing those man boobs..

In fact I couldn't believe how easy it was.

My chest fat vanished within a few weeks of using these secrets!

And I totally believe that you can do it too! In fact, with the right method and the right technique, there's no way that you can't lose those man boobs!. Losing man boobs involves a number of different factors, but if you master the one secret that's responsible for 95% of failures, then your victory is assured.

So What's My Story, Why Am I Talking To You?

Ever since high school I remember being shy because of my embarrassing chest. I recall being petrified of P.E. at school where the other kids might see my boobs in the shower, or catch me jogging in my T-shirt with my tits jumping around.

And all my summer holidays gone to waste! Doing nothing but staying home so nobody would see me wearing anything thin

Watching my mates talking, playing and swimming with the girls at the beach.

And I'll always remember...

All those rejections by women! How could a lady take me seriously anyway? I had female breasts for crying out loud! There's no such thing as 'man boobs,' they're woman boobs - on men!

What women want is that men's magazine cover model There's no chance she'll look at you and go "Mmmm I wanna feel those man boobs against me!"

So I went out there and started to learn everything about how to get rid of man boobs. I was shocked by what I found, as 99% of what's on the internet seems to tell you...

Error #I: Doing bench presses, press ups etc to "burst away" that chest fat!.

Is this a phase you've been through? If it is you'll realise that it doesn't work! Haven't you had enough of doing this already? Go ahead and tense those muscles in your chest - they feel bigger than when you started working out your chest, don't they? Now pinch that boob fat... what's that? It's still there? Well what can I say except... it doesn't work!

I had no idea about this before, so I hit the gym and started benching those weights, just like the guy on that men's magazine add told me, really feeling the burn and all.

But no matter how strong my chest muscles became, that layer of fat on top would NOT go away.

Hence it doesn't matter how real it feels while your working out, if you're doing chest excercises to thin out that chest fat, then now's the time to stop!

I learned the hard way that working out the chest muscles does NOT cause fat to be lost around that area.

Error Two: All I have to do is hit the gym and shed loads of body fat...
This was NOT easy! I starded doing cardio, with boxing, running up stairs, skipping, playing football, all of it! And hey presto! my body started to slim down. My ass, legs, arms, neck and face all thinning out. And finally my belly and then my boobs.

I finally started to lose my man boobs!!!

However I was finding it more and more difficult to maintain this new lifestyle, with such a strict calorie restricted diet and such intense exercise for prolonged periods 7 days a week.

I missed my favourite foods, I was exhausted by the gym. When I tried working out less frequently or for less than an hour every day, I saw my man breasts sprouting back And there's no way I could maintain that for much longer, I simply had to find another way!

Mistake NumberIII: The answer lies with eBooks on the internet that claim to have some "secret" method to lose those man boobs...

Those salespages were oh so promising, so I went out there and paid to download every eBook I could find on how to lose man boobs. I followed each eBook to the letter, I did everything they suggested and stuck to it, and with every book I was disappointed.

I've realised now after much pain and effort, that none of the guides out there on how to loose man boobs are really worth your time reading let alone paying for and putting in the effort to try out their methods.

So Then How DO You Lose Man Boobs?

Sadly, my final conclusion was that I'm on my own and nobody can help me. So rather than give in to being a pseudo-man with boobs for the rest of my life, I decided to do my own research. And I must say... some of my discoveries were just amazing!. Everything you need to know is provided for Free in my Free 8 Part Mini Course on how to lose man boobs, so click here to sign up and learn how to loose man boobs.

I also advise you read my article on the secrets of how to lose man breasts fast.

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How To Lose Man Boobs The Garry Davidson Way

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